Safety and Security


Auswide Transport Solutions has the NHVAS Maintenance Management accreditation.
Its equipment is maintained to an exceptionally high standard with qualified in-house service/mechanical team. They are supported by the nationwide service networks of our equipment’s manufacturers and external service providers.
Auswide Transport Solutions employs nightshift operators. These supervisors work on a 4 day on 4 day off rotating roster. This ensures complete overnight support and coverage to our employees and customers, 24/7. Part of their duties is to monitor not only the current location and welfare of the fleet and its employees via it’s sophisticated satellite tracking system, but Live Traffic sites. This allows them to compliantly direct movements around road blockages i.e. fires, floods, accidents etc, to avoid in-transit delays, wherever possible, which these events can cause. This is followed up with real time updates to our customers.
Any delays outside of compliant regulatory fatigue breaks, will be provided.


Auswide Transport Solutions perform a clear and defined process to ensure the security of its assets and that of its customers.

  • This commences with the employment process of prospective employees.
  • This includes, but is not limited to, the in-transit security of ALL loads.
  • Loads are not to be left unattended for any extended period, this includes during in-transit regulated fatigue breaks
  • National Police Checks are being implemented, being supported by company policy, and at employment stage then bi-annually updates
  • License Checks are conducted.
  • These are requested regularly to ensure employees are compliant in operating the vehicle they are operating.
  • A Nightshift operator is employed to monitor the welfare of employees overnight.
  • They provide overnight updates to customers followed up at approx. 05:00am with a Customer ETA & Arrival sheet, for every load which will be forwarded, via email, to the customers nominated recipients.
  • They address any unforeseen operational and on road issues overnight
  • GPS tracking is not limited to prime movers. It is also installed in our trailing equipment, providing additional security.

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