Safety & Compliances

Chain of Responsibilty

At Auswide, the conversation about safety and compliance is one we have with team members every day. While we have built a reputation on safety and compliance, we know that even the most efficient supply chain can quickly come undone without a firm commitment to road compliance at every link in the chain. This means that every team member in our team regardless whether they work in the yard, in the office, in the workshop or on the road – must understand the role they play in the Chain of Responsibility (CoR). Our robust approach to risk management and road compliance is finely tuned across our operations to address our obligations under Heavy Vehicle National Law. This is supported by an ongoing investment in a modern fleet with state-of-the-art safety features and the latest vehicle technology to detect and deter fatigue on long-haul routes.

Health & Safety at Auswide

Nothing is more important to us than the safety, health and wellbeing of our people, customers and communities in which we operate.

Come with us to experience next level standard

  • Customer CoR protection
  • Gold standard in ECM speed compliance
  • Feel secure with our ‘first in class’, real time intervention for driver alerts manned by our specially training 24/7 staff who thoroughly assess each alert in real time to deliver safety in real time.
  • First class applications for training through our own learning management system (LMS), resource system and fatigue management.
  • Comprehensive driver training.
  • 100% of work diaries thoroughly checked and more than 60% of all our drivers are GPS checked every month to further control safety.
  • Next level standards with our modernised PBS IAP fleet
  • Next level standards in valuing and understanding our customers needs.
  • Supporting our valued customers consistently through all the supply chain challenges.
  • Next level in organisational professionalism and standards
  • Experienced staff working together as a team with you our customer, ensures you remain a national next level client.
  • NHVAS and WAHVA accredited.
  • A proud member of the SARTA board
  • A strong advocate in driver welfare
  • The Safety and Compliance team fully and professionally supports our customers, our drivers and our organisation through industry leadership.